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Professor Vernon L. Smith - Nobel Laureate in Economics -
during his Keynote Address
at our 2011 Annual Meeting at UCLA.

Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz - Nobel Laureate in Economics - Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Annual Meeting at NYU-Poly; New York City, September 18-21, 2012.

Call for Papers & Participation in Conjunction with our 2016 Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
September 21-23, 2016

  • The World Consortium for Financial Risk Analysis and Application;
  • Financial Decision Making;
  • Behavioral-Finance-Based Technical Analysis;
  • Entrepreneurial Finance;
  • Value Investing;
  • Trust, Financial Markets, the Post-2008 Econ/Financial Realities;
  • Retirement Saving & Planning

Keynote Speech: "The Art & Science of Decision Making: The Least-Covered, if any at all, but Yet the Most Important Subject"; Professor Paul Slovic, Decision Research

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: July 10, 2016; Early Submission is encouraged; Notifications of Results will be emailed to all respondents Generally in Three (3) Weeks from The Date of Submission.

TO SUBMIT YOUR PAPER: Completed paper, detailed abstract, or seminar proposal, simply click on the following URL and follow the related instructions. The submission fee is $55.00. To submit, click here:

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FOR NON-PRESENTERS/ATTENDEES (Registration for Presenters would be explained in the Acceptance Letters they receive). To register for the full Conference at "Early Bird" rate of $349.00 please click on the following URL and follow the simple instructions:
    Registration Fee for LATE NO-PRESENTER registrants will rise to $399.00 after 7/10/2016; so register early to secure your seat and save too.

For any question you may email us at:

Terms and Conditions of Submission Acceptance
If your submission is accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting, you agree to the followings:
  1. The presenting author(s) will be required to present the paper in a professional manner and as assigned.
  2. The presenting author(s) will be required to pre-register for the Conference within two weeks of the paper's acceptance by paying in the due Conference Registration Fee of $349.00. If the presenting author(s) does not register as stated, the paper will be cancelled without notification and the space will be released to other authors with accepted papers on the Waiting List.
  3. Payment must be made via our secure and fully Online Registration and Payment System. To register and pay the due fees, please click on this URL: Only half of the paid registration fee ($174.50) is refundable if cancellation is made within one Month after the due Payment as stated in above. Otherwise, no refund will be issued. (There is a $50.00 discount for qualified doctoral students if payment made as instructed AND simultaneously status as a doctoral student is verified via email by the student's dissertation advisor.)
  4. Each presenting author whose paper is accepted for presentation will be required to discuss another colleague's paper. Presenting authors will be sent a preliminary version of the program in late-June, and asked to identify papers which they would like to discuss at the Meeting. Requests to discuss specific papers, or to chair specific sessions will be taken via email on a first-come, first-served basis (in your request email you may list up to three preferred papers in order of preference). If a presenting author does not submit her/his choices for papers to discuss, the Program Chair(s) will assign her/him a paper.

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