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Professor Vernon L. Smith - Nobel Laureate in Economics -
during his Keynote Address
at our 2011 Annual Meeting at UCLA.

Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz - Nobel Laureate in Economics - Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Annual Meeting at NYU-Poly; New York City, September 18-21, 2012.

Behavioral Finance &
Economics Consortium
September 18-21, 2019, New York, NY,
Call for Papers, Seminars, &
  • Financial Risk: Analysis & Application
  • Financial/Managerial Decisions Making from Startups to Mature Companies; Accounting for Noise in Decision Processes;
  • Trust: Financial Markets, Policy, Investment, Regulation
  • Behavioral-Finance-Based Trading; Technical Analysis
  • Retirement Saving & Planning, Value Investing
  • Evidence-Based Financial Planning
  • Sustainable Finance & Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Finance, Venture Capital, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Behavioral Finance: Training, Learning, Teaching
  • Other Real-Life Finance Decisions, Functions and Problems
TARGET AUDIENCES: Academics and Researchers; Practitioners and Professionals in all Finance Areas; Policy Makers; Regulators; Other Experts and Professionals in Areas of Finance, Economics, and Decision Making.

September 18-21, 2019, New York, NY, USA

AWARDS FOR THE ROBERT A. OLSEN BEST DOCTORAL STUDENT PAPERS IN BEHAVIORAL FINANCE & ECONOMICS. Upon request at the time of submission, single-author papers proposed by Doctoral Students will be further reviewed by the Program Committee, and the Best Papers will be selected for special recognition at our 2019 ABF&E Annual Meeting. Recognition includes receiving:
  1. Academy's "Award Certificate for the Robert A. Olsen Best Doctoral Student Paper in Behavioral Finance & Economics",
  2. A $500.00 prize check, and
  3. Consideration for publishing, upon the winners' written request, the selected papers in The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics- JBF&E.

SUBMISSION OF PAPERS, ABSTRACTS, AND SEMINARS for Presentation. To submit your completed paper, detailed abstract, or seminar proposal, simply click on the following URL and follow the related instructions. The submission fee is $55.00. To submit, click here:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS June 10, 2019; Early Submission is Encouraged for Fast Response and Planning. Notifications of results will be emailed to all respondents generally within Three (3) Weeks from the date of submission.


Special Sessions and Panels/Workshops. Persons interested in organizing a Special Session or Panel/Workshop should submit a letter of interest, along with a short bio using the deadline and instructions above.

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