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The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics JBF&E

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Cover page
Lottery Jackpots: Selecting the Rational Payout in the Face of Irrationality

Edward A. Dyl, Deborah W. Gregory

  • Page 1
  • Rational vs. Heuristic Motives: What Matters When Redeeming the Pledge?

    Kristiano Raccanello, Enrique Reig, Jayant Anand, Adriana Mantilla Anota

  • Page 17
  • Pricing of Skewness in Emerging Markets

    Dmitry Shapiro, Cinder Xinde Zhang

  • Page 43
  • The Psychology Behind Why UnderwaterInvestment Properties Are Not Listed for Sale

    Michael J. Seiler, Mark A. Lane, Vicky L. Seiler

  • Page 60
  • Value Premium and Investor Sentiment

    Ding Du

  • Page 84
  • Appendix

  • Page 98

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