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The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics JBF&E

Volume 5, Issues 1 & 2 2015-2016

Table of Contents

Cover page
Pricing in Auction Markets for Collectibles: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Matthew Boland,Daniel B. Thornton

  • Page 1
  • The Effect of Social Media and Gender on the Stock Market

    Kyre Lahtinen, Bong Soo Lee

  • Page 35
  • Recency Bias and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift*

    Qingzhong Ma, David A. Whidbee, Wei Zhang

  • Page 69
  • Asset Ownership, Investor Characteristics, and the Endowment Effect

    Greg Filbeck, Dianna Preece, Philip Stuczynski

  • Page 98
  • Disappointment in the Delegation of Currency Hedging Decision

    Kurtay Ogunc

  • Page 134
  • Behavioral Finance Beyond the Markets: A Real-Time Case Study of Russia's Military Resurgence

    Matt Lampert, Alyssa Hayden, Alan Hall

  • Page 145
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